Theraphi from Lee G on Vimeo.

Creators Dan Winter and Paul Harris have successfully harnessed the
extraordinary healing power of nature's torus force field. Take a peek at the video below to hear how they describe the process.

About The Theraphi

Many Benefits

Unravel your full potential.

How it Works

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Theraphi is a revolutionary non-invasive treatment technology that assists the body in it's own natural recovery process. Watch the video to the right to get an idea of what one of our rejuvenative treatments looks like.

Theraphi is the world's most powerful, experimental device being made available from the rapidly emerging wellness field of biophysics.

While bio-chemistry has served us well; bio-physics is an uncharted frontier of medical marvels and the key to providing an aging population with the élan vital needed to ensure that a robust vitality is coupled right alongside our ever increasing longevity.

Nature’s phi golden ratio harmonics cascade from to opposing spin plasma bulbs. The focal point is where the person being treated sits or lies down between the two bulbs. This bioactive Theraphi field optimizes the entire life-giving process.

  • Reduces pain
  •  Detoxification effect
  • Diminishes swelling and cysts
  •  Increases circulation
  • Increases energy The Theraphi wavelength is the same as ATP/ADP (key energy storage of cellular metabolism) Cellular energy resonance embeds in an exact negentropic pump wave!
  •  Experience a meditative euphoria. The Theraphi is a frequency recipe of alpha/beta brain waves and harmonics of Earths Schumann resonance.
  •  Your cranial sacral tidal rhythms will derive potency and can balance to a still point (a turning point for healing )

The efficacy of Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy after a Theraphi session is tremendous.