​Theraphi is the world's most powerful, experimental device being
made available from the rapidly emerging wellness field of bio-physics.

Creators Dan Winter and Paul Harris have successfully harnessed the
extraordinary healing power of nature's torus force field.

While bio-chemistry has served us well; bio-physics is an uncharted
frontier of medical marvels and the key to providing an aging
population with the élan vital needed to ensure that a
robust vitality is coupled right alongside our ever
increasing longevity.


Theraphi generates bio-active plasma fields that recharge all of
the body's electrical needs; amplifies cellular signaling and
seems to set the immune system's headlights for pathogens on
high-beam aiding in the combat of illnesses.

Theraphi and Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Theraphy​

Currenting, streaming, vortices of circulatory systems in the body such as blood, lymph and cranial sacral fluid are counter balancing hydraulic life force processes.

When the rhythms of the fluid systems are interrupted by trauma (physical or emotional) they can become too revved up (hyper) or too sluggish (hypo)...you feel out of sync, out of alignment and in dis-ease.​

It is beneficial to receive Cranial Sacral Therapy after a Theraphi session so the body can re-sync the rhythmic cogwheeling motions of its embryonic growth origins. The fluid systems are then back to pure principle centripetal coherence (based on the golden mean of nature); your body feels light, grounded and vital.

​Very good videos exist on YouTube for those interested in the
somewhat complex science of how Theraphi heals body and soul.

Official Theraphi sales and support contact for Canada is
Paul Harris  quantumjmpr@gmail.com - our tech leader

A lifetime of dings and dents, mark our moods and thoughts.
Occasionally, calamity leaves us feeling crushed.
What prayer, therapy and meditation cannot always restore,
Theraphi returns.
Awash your élan vital in the powerfully restorative
concentrated energy of the
Theraphi experience.
Judge for yourself and enjoy!

For those who would like to experience the Theraphi treatment for themselves
please contact Laurie Pryce by email
by phone 778-433-6733.